A Brand New Beginning

Welcome to Panorama Speech Therapy, a private practice dedicated to evidence-based speech therapy service with heart, compassion, and fun! Thanks for joining me on this journey – I would love to become a part of yours!

Here are five things I’d like to share so you can get to know me:

  1. I’ve lived in five different states and in Spain! I have also traveled to 25 countries and I cherish the opportunity to get to know other cultures and languages.
  2. I am a mom to a toddler and I love watching him grow up! Here’s a pic of us playing with one of our favorites: stacking cups Screen Shot 2021-05-20 at 10.20.22 AM
  3. I am a proud Cuban-American and Spanish was my first language.
  4. Prior to becoming an SLP, I taught Spanish and English.
  5. I’m part of several networks and programs that are working to improve the lives of children with disabilities and those who are culturally and linguistically diverse. I’m very passionate about serving children and advocating alongside families.

Please reach out via email (office@panoramaspeech.com) if you have any questions! Nos vemos pronto!

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