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Nationally Certified by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA)


We specialize in the following types of pediatric speech therapy:

Speech Sound Disorders

Speech sound disorders can lead to children not being understood by peers or people in the community. These disorders can be due to errors in the production of speech sounds (an articulation disorder) or in the sound patterns in speech (a phonological disorder).

Language Delay & Disorders

Challenges in using vocabulary, stringing together words in phrases or sentences, or demonstrating comprehension would fall under the category of language delays or disorders.

Alternative & Augmentative Communication

Children who are non-speaking and may have complex communication needs will benefit from multimodal (visual, manual) supports they can access for the goal of communication. These communication needs require continuous monitoring and reassessment of what tools work best for that specific child.

Bilingual Speech & Language Therapy

We offer Spanish-English bilingual evaluations and treatment. Our evaluations are thorough – usually involving a language survey, parent interview, and a formal assessment with multiple clinician measures. Appropriateness for treatment will be determined based on the child’s areas of need in both languages.

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